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    Cultural marketing is about to change. One-fits-all concepts / striking signage might create attention, but faces ignorance or rejection. Tailored concepts make your brand become an integral part of the event in which its audience is actively engaged, thus positive associations will transfer to your brand.



Konsulat. is your hub (intermediary), who translates brand strategies into tailor-made event concepts, sources most suitable partners and supervises execution. Having worked for multi-national companies, we do possess a profound understanding of the corporate world, but have just as much established ourselves as a credible partner within the (subcultural) event scene.



Consumers increasingly value brand experiences. In order to create audience-based brand equity, your on-site presence should be closely attuned to the event and carefully customised to the needs of its audience. You must provide visitors with a fully engaging brand experience that is tailored to the specific event. Presenting your brand without any link to the event is bound to failure.




Konsulat. helps you fully capture the value of your engagements. A profound analysis of needs is the foundation to develop a promising strategy. Once agreed upon, we will design tailor-made concepts and source most suitable partners, who will secure successful realisation. Additionally, we will generate customised content for other communication channels as well as conclusive reporting.


What’s your key message? Who is your target group? What are your objectives? How can your budget be most efficiently allocated? Which are potential partners where your target group can be found, and will they enable you to reach your objectives? This is the foundation of your engagement, which is why solid groundwork is required.


One-fits-all (reuse of an existing concept at another event) is likely to be perceived as a foreign body. Let’s develop a tailor-made concept which is suited to your brand and carefully customised to the event as well as its audience. While the former might be efficient, the latter will ensure that positive associations one has with the event will transfer to your brand.

On-site design

Too often presences of brands resemble, at best, a three-dimensional advertisement. We aim to develop an on-site execution which is carefully tailored to the event as well as the needs of its visitors. That way your brand will become an integral part of the event in which its audience is actively engaged (prevent ignorance or rejection).

On-site activities

You should aim at engaging visitors in an event-related activity in order to give them a tangible brand experience. We will help you shape that experience by involving the audience and adding value through novel activities. Copying over-used activities must be avoided, because visitors tend to forget which brand enabled them to participate.

Content creation

Why should you limit the impact of an event to its duration respectively its visitors? Let’s develop a tailor-made concept in order to integrate customised event content into other communication channels. These measures will increase reach and strengthen long-time memorisation of brand-event linkage as well as image transfer between the two.


How do you measure the success of your engagements beyond attendance, and eventually sales (leads)? We’re developing incentivised surveys in order to measure image transfer as well as brand perception. Talking to your target audience gives you valuable insights, and helps improve future engagements (adapt to their preferences).



La Fabrik @ Openair Frauenfeld (sponsored event)

La Fabrik
La Fabrik
La Fabrik

Instead of staging Parisienne’s existing festival platform, we’ve been developing a tailored concept in close cooperation with the organisers. “La Fabrik” perfectly integrates into the events new direction (turning it into a festival city), and does incorporate the brands’ core values. It proved successful: in its first year, the concept was awarded “best sponsor” as well as “best party location” by roughly 10’000 participants on the occasion of the festivals’ online survey (doubling votes of second placed sponsor). And a survey conducted by the brand proved positive impact on brand image (outstanding fit, key attributes above benchmark).

sun.set @ Fondation Beyeler (sponsored event)

Davidoff Hub
Davidoff Hub
Davidoff Hub

In order to attract a younger audience to their exhibitions, renowned gallery Fondation Beyeler teamed up with nightlife institution Nordstern for a series of daytime events in their lovely park. Soon it became victim of its own success: more than 10’000 people turned up, leading to security issues, traffic jams and littering problems. Therefore we’ve been revising the concept, which included increased security measures as well as improved communication (including stakeholders such as authorities and neighbours). Now the highly-appreciated event series is back on track, and regained support of stakeholders mentioned above.



Konsultat. was founded 2017 by Jean-Marc Lüthy . He possesses the relevant know-how (certified marketing director), a proven track record (development of marketing as well as sponsored events such as Montreux Jazz Festival, Openair Frauenfeld and Gurten Festival) and an extensive network (festivals, gastronomy, event agencies, etc.).

Despite not having any employees, Konsulat. is far more than a one-man-show! But our concept is slightly different to other agencies: rather than feeding our infrastructure, we’re sourcing the most suitable partners for each project from our extensive network. That way we ensure to always have the right people at the right place.

Either we work with your established suppliers, or we include partners from our network. Following some strategic partners:

Formeldrei (visual communication)

Pfeffermint (3D scenographic design)

Monami (social media concepts / influencer)



Jean-Marc has profound knowledge, versatile experience and an impressive network. His analytical thinking enables him to implement requirements from various stakeholders, while keeping the message clear, simple and entertaining. He is very passionate about his projects, and pays attention to every detail.

John Doe

Robert Goossens

Head of Brand, BAT (Parisienne)

I’ve been impressed by Jean-Marc’s openness to pursue a new approach in staging the brand presence. His understanding for both sides of the collaboration (brand as well as event) enabled us to stage the concept «La Fabrik», which proved very successful for both parties. Clearly a blueprint for future collaborations.

Hannah Brown

René Götz

CEO, First Event / Openair Frauenfeld

Jean-Marc brought Parisienne’s appearance at Gurtenfestival to a new level. He has improved what already worked well (“Rock The Block” platform), and added a creative recycling concept, which perfectly complements the festivals’ efforts. He’s a very loyal and faithful partner - his word can always be relied upon.

Jane Doe

Carlo Bommes

CEO, Appalooza / Gurten Festival



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